About Addis Chamber
Message from the President
Message from the Secretary General’s

About Addis Chamber

The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Assocations(AACCSA), established in 1947, provides technical and advocacy services to help business people start, run, and grow their businesses. 

With over 10,000 registered members, the AACCSA is the largest and oldest chamber of commerce in Ethiopia. 
It is the only representative body that speaks with authority on behalf of the business community and plays a major role in voicing business concerns to the government and other Stakeholders. The AACCSA is an autonomous non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization.

Since, its establishment it has served its members in promoting socio-economic development and commercial relations with the rest of the world. 
Its major objective is to promote the establishment of conditions in which business in general and in Addis Ababa in particular, can prosper. The AACCSA is today one of the most dynamic civil society organizations representing business in Ethiopia and is active in matters of importance extending beyond its regional geographic base. 

The AACCSA aims to advance human progress through an economic and social system based on individual freedom, initiative, opportunity and responsibility.

Vision Statement:“To be a world class chamber, enabling the business community to be competitive locally and internationally and contribute to the attainment of the trade and investment goals of the country.”

Mission Statement:“To promote trade and investment by providing demand driven services to the best satisfaction of members, stakeholders and others and advocate for favorable business environment based on best practices.” AACCSA believes that this is its essence – to be the driving force behind unifying businesses in Addis Ababa, ultimately leading to economic growth and vitality throughout the county.

Values:Accountable, credible and transparent; Business-oriented; Customer-focused; Innovative through Creativity; Quality and Improvement Driven; Socially Responsible; and Team Oriented. These are AACCSA’s Core Values – they are the heart of all that that it does to the business community. They shall be reflected in the works that AACCSA does and will be promoted consistently by the Board and staff.

Guiding Principles of Service Delivery & Implementation: Aligned to the strategy; Demand-driven; Evidence and research based; Partnership-focused; Results-oriented; Cost-effective; and Institutional capacity-centered;

Key Stakeholders

  • Members (Businesses & Individuals)
  • Government and the public
  • Donors, other local and international organizations in Ethiopia and abroad

AACCSA’s stakeholders are the only reason for its existence, they are its mission. Each staff of the Chamber should focus on the needs of AACCSA’s stakeholders and customers, by continuously improving processes and services to meet their needs, and, in the end, increase the effectiveness and usefulness of AACCSA in accomplishing its mission.

Key Result Areas (KRA)

  • KRA1: Membership Development and Mobilization
  • KRA2: Policy Advocacy
  • KRA3: Business Development Services
  • KRA4: Relationship with Chambers and other Associations
  • KRA5: Institutional Capacity Building
  • KRA6: Image Building
  • KRA7: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • KRA8: Convention & Exhibition Centers
  • KRA9: Resource Mobilization

These are AACCSA’s KRAs - the things it must do, and do extremely well, in order to meet key stakeholder requirements, and thus, successfully accomplish its mission.

Goals & Key Milestones

  • Increasing membership to reach 20,000 (of which at least 30% are women) by the end of the 5th year;
  • Establishing a functional city level PPCF by mid-2013;
  • Starting up own Head Quarter Complex construction by the end of the 5th year;
  • Fully functional Training Institute in place by mid-2014;
  • Establishing a fully functional Institute of Advocacy by the end of the 5th year;
  • Establishing an independent Institute of Corporate Governance;
  • Establishing an autonomous Trade Fairs Institute;
  • Upgrading the Arbitration Institute into an autonomous body;
  • Securing business dedicated FM Radio;
  • Generating financial resources from external sources worth Birr 200 million;
  • Increasing income from membership fivefold by the end of the 5th year;


The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme body of AACCSA. The General Assembly meets once in a year and elects members of the Board of Directors every two years.

Directors of AACCSA’s Board

The Board of Directors, including the president and the vice president, is elected by the General Assembly. It is mandated to design and set policies, approve the programs and budget of the secretariat, establish working committees, appoint the Secretary General.

The Secretary General

The Secretary General, who is assuming the Chief Executive Officer, directs the day-to-today operations of the Chamber with the support of two Deputy Secretary Generals and one Director.